The project

On this page you will find download links if you'd like to try out the work we've done on the OXT IDE.

The OpenXTalk project forum is a home base for multiple efforts to maintain Community fork(s) of the now unsupported LiveCode Community Edition (LCCE). LCCE was the crowd funded open-source GPLv3 licenced version of the xTalk known as LiveCode (previously known as "Runtime Revolution" and "MetaCard"), after the company LiveCode Ltd. cut support for the Cummunity Edition on Sept. 1st 2021.

OpenXTalk DON'T PANIC! Edition IDE

OpenXTalk 'Don't Panic' Edition (OXT DPE)
In addition to being a 'unbranded', this version contains many modifications and fixes to its LCCE base (v9.6.3). OXT DPE contains additional features and content not found in legacy LCCE releases. This was directly forked from archived LC Community repo on GitHub, and a few prievew packages are avaliable for download from the OXT DPE IDE Github Release page.

OpenXTalk Lite

OpenXTalk Lite Edition (OXT Lite)
This is an alternate set of modifications which share the common base of LCCE 9.6.3 Runtimes, OXT DPE and OXT Lite may share some IDE changes, but also may take a differnt approach in some respects. It is being considered as bit of a test bed for changes to the IDE, some possibly added to OXT DPE at a future time.

Current Builds for OXT Lite here:
OXT Lite Release page

by LiveCode Ltd.

The OpenXTalk project was derived from the crowd-funded and open-source LiveCode Community Edition which is no longer supported by LiveCode Ltd. If you'd like to try LiveCode Ltd.'s commercial product called LiveCode, there is an available to download at this site: Downloads You must register for an account in order to try LiveCode for 10 days.

by Paul McClernan