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Re: OpenXTalk RC4 testing...

Posted: Sat Sep 16, 2023 10:46 pm
by OpenXTalkPaul
richmond62 wrote: Sat Sep 16, 2023 3:44 pm I'm 'Dynamic' insofar as I get up in the morning [admittedly, as my wife will tell you, with late-middle-aged groans and curses], go downstair, make the coffee, give my wife a whistle when it is ready . . . BUT

Surely, the OXT/LC/Whatever dictionary is ONLY dynamic if it is receiving constant modifications from a 'mother-ship' or somesuch.

LC 961 [note subtle change from '963'] is even less dynamic than I am . . . so a 'FIXED' dictionary should not be seen as any sort of problem.
The Dictionary is only not dynamic if you aren't ever going to add anything to the IDE as far as libraries, extensions, and widgets, which I've actually done a lot of and plan to continue doing (I do have something in the way of a road map in my head, albeit a flexible one).
And the extension manager stack does now have a 'Repo' tab which replaces the in-IDE, previously non-functional LCC 'Extension Store' where you can download some community-made things (widgets/libraries, but could add stacks and other content), served up compliments of GitHub. This card does use a browser widget though (same as the LCC version did), so might need to make a non-web page stack version. But I have used it successfully on several 64bit Linux distros.

Re: OpenXTalk RC4 testing...

Posted: Sun Sep 17, 2023 5:44 am
by tperry2x
I'm not sure if it has been picked up on, but you know you can shift-click that dictionary button to still use the sqlite method of generating the dictionary?
Just making sure you knew that it does still exist. So any dictionary edits can work as before, and just means that I only have to save a flat (non-db) copy in my "OXT_Guide" if the sqlite gets modified with any additional features we want to build in - which takes only a couple of minutes work. Should mean the best of both worlds re compatibility and at least makes it work the same across all platforms.