Script Editor, Window Appearance

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Script Editor, Window Appearance

Post by tperry2x »

I've just fixed the Script Editor appearance so it visually behaves itself, no matter what system appearance theme you may currently be using.

file: revscripteditor.8.rev
(51.53 KiB) Downloaded 185 times
[Mac:] right-click the app > "show package contents" /Contents/Tools/Toolset/palettes/script editor/
[Linux:] /opt/livecode/livecodecommunity-9.6.x/Toolset/palettes/script editor/

file: revsedocumentationpanebehavior.livecodescript
(3.64 KiB) Downloaded 174 times
[Mac:] right-click the app > "show package contents" /Contents/Tools/Toolset/palettes/script editor/behavior/
[Linux:] /opt/livecode/livecodecommunity-9.6.x/Toolset/palettes/script editor/behavior/

As always, my updated list of all recent changes can be found here:

script-editor-dark-mode.png (89.74 KiB) Viewed 3556 times
script-editor-light-mode.png (68.05 KiB) Viewed 3556 times

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