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Re: Comments on 1.0

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Same link: ... 5xdm5&dl=0

This doesn't have any of the inline dictionary in the revMenubar. Just bug fixing, no new features.
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Re: Comments on 1.0

Post by overclockedmind »

tperry2x wrote: Wed Feb 07, 2024 9:50 am You've helped out massively, so thank you.
I think I know what was causing the issue.
I put the 'App Browser' back in the tools menu, and there were other places like the 'About' in the help menu that I can't tamper with on the Mac, as that part of code seems very fragile on the mac.
(I'm probably going to leave the revMenuBar stack alone from now on, in fear of causing MacOS instability).

Feel free to try 1.01 and I hope I've fixed those problems ;) (with your help of course) ... 4646#p4646

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