Mac OS (classic) vs MacOS (X+) Dictionary corrections

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Re: Mac OS (classic) vs MacOS (X+) Dictionary corrections

Post by richmond62 »

Apples OS names have gotten confusing to me.
This is because way back when some marketing 'cheese' at Apple decided 'X' was, well "Xexy", and so everything got stuck for a very long time.

The last version of the pre-UNIX-based MacOS was 9, and the first version of 'X'should have been '10', so MacOS Sonoma should have been MacOS 24 or 25 or something . . .

Anyway, having written that I'm off to find versions of Windows 96 and Windows 9 . . .
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Re: Mac OS (classic) vs MacOS (X+) Dictionary corrections

Post by OpenXTalkPaul »

I added a bunch more documentation for the libraries and things that make up the IDE itself,
and I re-built the dictionary over the weekend.

It's kind of great being able to peruse these handlers in the dictionary, I'm putting them all under 'IDE library', since they only pertain to the IDE and therefore only useful to someone redesigning the IDE or making plug-in/add-ons for it.

I'm going to tweak a few things and add bit more corrections/edits later, then push it up to the GitHub repos.
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