Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

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Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Post by richmond62 »


https://livecode.com/products/learn/cre ... -livecode/

Well, as far as they go, they are not too bad.

And it might behoove us to look toward making a set of vaguely equivalent videos, AND NOT behind a pay wall.

[Parenthetically, I really wonder about the thinking that makes someone think that a way to get people interested in their programming 'thang' is by bunging introductory lessons behind a paywall.]

]Oh, and still charge for it after 9 years when somethings don't seem to work that way.]


Even if nothing else it might not be a bad idea to consider both what is listed, and its progression vis-a-vis heirarchy of difficulty:
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Re: Hold My Hand, Hold My Hand, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

Post by OpenXTalkPaul »

I agree, we need lessons, preferrably videos, ...of doing the basics stuff, and perhaps 'explainers' for things like text & object 'Chunk expressions' that may be a foreign concept to someone coming from another scripting language.
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