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Seems to be quite an interesting site.
I only tried a quick function in rust, but it ran that fine.
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How feasible might it be to get it to speak xTalk?
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tperry2x wrote: Thu Jun 13, 2024 6:18 pm How feasible might it be to get it to speak xTalk?

It appears to use JS and a bunch of .wasm (WebAssembly) ports of various language compilers/interpreters, so maybe that could be possible with a port of Emscripten Engine, or OpenXION+JVM ported to a wasm vm? Also because of ._HyperScript + HTMX being a very web-centric xTalk that might be more easily integrated with something like this (although I don't think that is going to look as familiar to MC/RR/LC/SC/HC... or other long-time xTalk scripters), Something based on transpiling xTalk <> JS ( like HyperSim ) might be a workable candidate as well.

This whole web-sandbox 'playground' sort of thing (there's also an off-line app version of, is definitely something I'm interested in. However. since xTalk/xCard is more of a visually oriented thing, I'm not sure if it doesn't need to be more of a WYSWYG GUI sort of thing than a REPL (Read–eval–print loop)?

After Tool-redoing is squared, I'm going to try to spend a little time updating the OXT Playground WebStack thing to be a bit more like an online mini-IDE. Part of my goal with the redo-Tools was to try to make it more encapsulated for ease of portability, there's currently no 'reference' images used on that stack, and non-classic controls, paint/graphics tools are using SVG path widgets for icons. This is because I want to use parts of the IDE with the Emscripten engine on the web (and I didn't want it to look exactly like 1990s MetaCard).
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