[FIXED] Extension Builder problem with Cross Platform Development

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[FIXED] Extension Builder problem with Cross Platform Development

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The problem formula was this:
  • Create a valid LCB project folder on macOS then In the macOS finder do something, such as set a finder label, that would create an invisible meta-data shadow file (example: widget.lcb would create an invisible ._widget.lcb file)
  • In Windows 10, with the entire LCB project folder on a Windows 10 accessible drive partition, try to compile the Widget.lcb with Extension Builder in LiveCode.
Widget.lcb should compile just as it does on macOS but the Windows version of Extension Builder would sees BOTH widget.lcb AND ._widget.lcb files and fails with cryptic message... cryptic in that the message gives no indication that the actual problem is multiple files with the .lcb extension in the same folder (it says something like 'no extension found' instead). Files that have names beginning with a dot, like these macOS metadata ._shadow files, should be filtered out of the file list by default. Names that begin with dot are a long-running convention used on *nix platforms to indicate invisible files / folders.

The fix was adding a filter line that discards any file that has a name starting with a dot, which is long used convention for invisible files on *Nix / Posix platforms (which macOS is built on)

https://github.com/PaulMcClernan/OpenXT ... ript#L1621

I fixed this myself, Yeah Me! :lol:
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