Package Managers for getting external code libraries

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Package Managers for getting external code libraries

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With Extension Builder having the libFFI capabilities, that means we can tap into dynamic C-based, Objective C, and JAVA libraries (and apparently JavaScript too, but there is almost no example code to go on for that), and me looking for a small library to wrap for another example walk-through, I was thinking of Installing MacPORTS again, there's packages on there that aren't on Homebrew's list. So I started reading up on the state of macOS package-managers (I hadn't realized that Fink is based on apt-get)...
Then I stumbled on this:
(and this for older version OSes: )

It claims to be The One Package Manager To Rule Them All, available on like EVERY platform! ... but actually looks like mostly BSD based.

Anyone familiar with this package manager?
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