HyperNeWS-HyperLook xCard Hypermedia System

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HyperNeWS-HyperLook xCard Hypermedia System

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This wasn't really an xTalk, it actually used Postscript as it's scripting language but presented with object/class browser (like Smalltalk). It was definitely an xCard hypermedia thing, and I find it rather interesting as a piece of the history.
I may have mentioned it before, but I just found this great sight about it:
https://donhopkins.medium.com/hyperlook ... 58ce4#1718

There lots of posts about it from Don Hopkins on yCombinator.

Here he talks mentions discussing using HyperLook as the OS's Window Manager, something I've dreamed about would be great to have a user-centric user-modifiable OS, a HyperOS built with xTalk & xCard as a core feature.

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